"Permanent evolution"

Corporate Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility is understood by ALSATEC as a commitment to our management model. We manage our everyday reality, a reality that implicates people using and imposing our resources to serve our society in order to maintain and improve our welfare state and evolve its sustainability.

We are constantly working on the concept of business excellence, an excellence that emphasizes people, their working conditions and the quality of services offered. A concept we export to all companies and individuals who collaborate in our daily activities, and which we understand as a shared responsibility for the care of living in our environment. A standard of living we need to conserve and enhance through actions based on business excellence.

For this reason we commit ourselves to be active participants in change management, management that allows us to combine social development with environmental improvement and business competitiveness, adapting to the many social changes in society and positively impacted by continuous advances and technological advances in all knowledge areas.

  • In ALSATEC we think that to achieve these goals working together, we must be a company that inspires confidence.
  • This confidence generates stable relationships with our clients and our society.
  • Links that allow us to obtain, based on the facts found and the passage of time, this invaluable recognition as a socially responsible company.