"Own Products"

In ALSATEC we consider Mechanical Engineering a resource that helps to improve this world, in which technological development is so present, making it easy accessible and universal.

Innovation is a vital service for ALSATEC since its founding, which we added to our daily activities as our customers have asked us steadily to provide this service.

In ALSATEC we aim to achieve, in a creative way, to convert our knowledge and experience in innovative solutions, a comprehensive philosophy that enables the creation of new and better products as well as services and processes that can solve the demands of the market and improve social needs in a globalized world.

To provide our customers innovative and effective solutions to their proposals we are constantly training our staff, taking into account the knowledge that they provide enabling us to work with their "knowhow". This is of vital importance to us and allows us to reverse to the given knowledge by the customer.

Our vocation to learn, our direct contact and our understanding of new technologies has enabled us to obtain good results when it comes to providing effective solutions in different working areas, such as: providing innovative solutions for tooling machine breakdowns and accelerating its implementation, optimize energy consumption in plastics injection machines, providing solutions with own products (labeller), etc.

We began to innovate ourselves for us. Implementing our own methodology for the development and transmission of knowledge between our technicians, by which we are allowing the professional development of each technician, accelerating the uptake of multidisciplinary knowledge by all staff.