Weightless Handling

As a local, official partner of BASTOS HANDLING we offer tailor-made solutions based on the needs of each client.
We offer advisory and recommendation services for cargo manipulation.
Our technical team can take care of the installation and maintenance if you wish it so.
We distribute exclusively the most innovative equipment, cutting edge industry.

              Our equipment diversity allows us to offer the best solution for every application and periodicity. For example, we install electronic weightless manipulators for special parts, pneumatic manipulators for specific zones, vacuum tubes for bags… And all of that applied to a pilar, on the roof or on aluminium profiles, depending on the available area and specific client installation requirements.

              Our load elevation product range offers solutions for every need.
    Electric lifting stacker trucks for lifting and transporting loads up to 325 kg (716,5 lb).
    Highly customizable lifting tables able to adapt to any of the customer’s needs.
    Compact, telescopic, electric, and mobile cranes for less frequent operations.

              Within a production center or warehouse, organizational efficiency and safety prevail. For this matter we offer solutions in automatically guided production line supply vehicles, Lean structures for maximizing production/assembly line space and industrial protections for machinery, pedestrians, electrical panels, shelving, or any other shock-susceptible element.

Indeva Bastos

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