Machine Tool and General Production Equipment

Fitting, repair and technical assistance for CNC or conventional Machine tool, general production equipment and production lines.

  • Comprehensive repair: mechanical, electrical, electronic, transmission, sealing, lubrication, hydraulic pneumatics.
  • Repair of orthogonal, twist, straight milling heads, direct mandrels, electro-mandrels, etc...
  • Repair of lathe heads, grinders, special machines, etc…
  • In-situ tool holder cones grinding.
  • Standardize or custom-made spare parts, mechanical-transmission-sealing-electronic, repair and/or exchange.
  • Assembly, Installation and commissioning of new machines.
  • Transfers or redistribution in plant.
  • Assistance to the of manufacturer-representatives’ SAT in the area for technical support, commissioning’s and corrective actions.
  • Machine geometry, levelling and verification.
  • XL80 Renishaw and Ball Bar QC20 Laser in property for calibration and verification of machine’s position and straightness.

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